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Tao attended Weibo Night recently and all eyes were on him as he walked the red carpet in a neon yellow leopard print suit. During the evening he performed Underground King, as well as receiving an award for 2016 Weibo's most popular singer!

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I love that he never takes the safe route for his red carpet fashion choices. That suit is both amazing and awful and very Tao! Also bless his make up artist.

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21 January 2017 @ 11:57 am

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It's all over! I'm so sad, this is the best variety show that Tao's been on and it showcased his personality, humour, perseverance and determination perfectly. The others were good too - particularly the women.

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[Text transcript and interview introduction]
Huang Zitao: no doubles for action scenes, true talent and works are most important

Sina Entertainment interviewing Huang Zitao

Huang Zitao used to be the target of mass internet hate, but now, more and more people are turning from antis to fans. The straightforwardness, natural likability and self-deprecating humor expressed in the reality show slowly defused the doubt people had for him. The audience finally sees the “cuteness” of this 23 year old boy.

Experiencing such a dramatic change at this young age, Huang Zitao is visibly maturing, such as becoming more professional towards work. He says that he never uses doubles for action scenes: “If you need doubles for action scenes, then why did you agree to the film? You’re an actor.” Before this interview, the staff already came to say that because of the hectic schedule, Huang Zitao has headaches and stomachaches. He might not be able to perform well in the interview. But once it began, Huang Zitao was still very enthusiastic and energetic.
There were 5 continuous interviews in one afternoon, but he was fully prepared for each. No one knew Huang Zitao’s body was already pushed to the limits until he fainted at the airport that night.

His maturation is also spiritually. He admits that when he was at his lowest, everyone seemed like an anti. He doesn’t say it, but it did cause emotional trauma. On the other hand, he understands many things now — “The heavens purposely made so many people hate me to see if I can take the challenge. If I can, there will be rewards.” “Having works and talents are the most important. If you move up by pushing others down, it’ll be really difficult in the future.”

After this challenge, Huang Zitao is now more confident. He says that regardless of whether it’s acting or singing, a lot of people praise him, saying he’s a prodigy. He’s happy to be respected through his work. So he can only work even harder to not disappoint these people.
He says that his mental age is already 35 years old, but he also emphasizes that he’ll still keep things that a 23 year old should have. Indeed. During the interview, we found that he is still a poor thing that likes to whine. He came to promote his first film “Railroad Tigers” but Huang Zitao still hasn’t seen the product yet. Every time there’s a break in the interview, he would beg the staff: “I want to see the movie!” “Let me sneak in, I’ll just stand in the back!”

“Be good and finish this interview first.” The reply is heartless.

Learning taichi with Jackie Chan, wants to become the successor of wushu
If we battle, of course Da-ge would win. “I surrender”

Sina: Jackie Chan said that he would teach you all some kungfu while filming. What did he teach you?

Huang Zitao: Taichi. Sometimes I would ask him to teach me and he would, but I’m still bad at it.

S: How come? Isn’t taichi very basic?

T: Taichi is very calming, but I love moving. Kungfu is more youthful so maybe taichi can wait until I’m older.

S: Have you thought about being Jackie Chan’s successor for wushu?

T: About being a successor . . . I do, actually, because I only want to do action scenes while filming. I hope that I can become an action star because I don’t like using doubles. I like doing it myself.

S: Why do you want to take this path? It’s really difficult.

T: Maybe it’s difficult in other people’s eyes. But for me, I’ve been working hard all my life and I’m okay with it now.

S: Seeing how Da-ge is still fighting at this age, do you think this road is too long with too many hardships?

T: I think it’s enough to take each step steadily. Da-ge is a Da-ge because he’s able to keep going. I think I can do it too.

S: Did he give you any advice?

T: I would talk to him privately. His advice is just to keep working hard and never give up.

S: Would you two battle on the film site?

T: No, I wouldn’t dare.

S: Who would win?

T: Of course it would be Da-ge.

S: He just said that even if he ties up both legs and fights you singlehandedly, he would still win. Are you okay with that?

T: (without hesitation) Yes.

S: You accept defeat so easily?

T: I surrender.

“I don’t use doubles!”
“If you need a double for an action scene, why did you take the job?”

S: Jaycee Chan is in this too. How does it feel to work with him?

T: He’s funny. We would message each other privately and he’s a good guy.

S: Who are you closest with on the film site?

T: All of them are close, but it would have to be Kai-ge (He said “Kai” and then swallowed it). Actually all of them are great, but the feelings are different. Kai-ge is like a big brother, Jaycee is a friend and Darren is like a classmate.

S: There are many dangerous scenes in Railroad Tigers. What was the hardest for you?

T: For me, nothing was hard and nothing was dangerous. You just have to do it. If it’s not good, then do it again.

S: Did you buy insurance for yourself?

T: Actually, no. The level of danger isn’t up to that point yet, so even if I get hurt, it’s just a small thing.

S: Aren’t you afraid of ruining your face?

T: If that happens, there’s nothing I can do about it. It’s just another obstacle in life.

S: You’re okay with a scar on your face?

T: Yes.

S: After filming, do you think there’s anything you can improve in wushu?

T: I’m a fast learner for anything wushu-related.

S: What types are you best and worst at?

T: Worst? I haven’t practiced in a long time, but basic moves like climbing something are nothing for me. You only have to teach me forms and movements once. I don’t need doubles because I can do it myself. It’s the same for Game Changer. The usual actors need to be taught many times, but I only need to be taught once. And then I go over it by myself and I’ll be ready for action.

S: You said that you don’t need doubles, but many little fresh meats in the industry need doubles. What do you think?

T: Many directors and people will worry for an actor, saying that it’s very dangerous and should find a double. But I think that if you look for a double for an action film, then why did you agree to the film? If you can only do dialogues, then why take an action film? So I think that if you can do something and people give you the same money for you to do the thing, you shouldn’t always find someone else to do it for you. You are an actor. A double should just help mark your spot if you’re too tired. But for the actual filming, you should do it yourself, especially if it’s within your ability.

“Whenever I film, someone would say I’m a prodigy”

S: Other than the cameo in Silent Separation, Railroad Tigers is your first film shown to the public. How do you feel right now?

T: I really want to see it. A lot of things I filmed will be shown next year and it’s really, really hard to wait. Before, I thought that being an actor is boring. But now, I realize that it’s really a fascinating job. My first film was Railroad Tigers. I had to wait the longest at the film site. I didn’t understand why then. But slowly, I realized that an actor doesn’t only have to act well. There are many important things that deserve your attention and many things to be learned. Railroad Tigers helped me mature.

S: You said that you thought acting was boring. Why did you think that?

T: I started acting because whenever I did, someone would say that I’m a prodigy and I’m really good. I actually don’t like acting though, because music is most important to me. But when you interact with a different crew and they say the same things, you think, “If that’s the case, why don’t I work harder and improve?” You have to do it whether you want to or not, so I decided to try harder and become an actual actor and use my talent to affect others.
I filmed A Chinese Odyssey for 4 months. I had a different attitude when I entered this crew. There are many things I’m worried about, like if I can quickly get into character. I couldn’t in the first week, but then there was a difficult scene but I did okay. I found the right state after that was able to use my true talent, making many people start to respect me.

S: You said that everyone praises you. Give an example, like how does Da-ge praise you?

T: Da-ge says I’m a prodigy too. He says that I’m smart and good at acting. I’m really not lying. Every director and staff would say it. And I’m not complimenting myself either. Whenever people say that, I think that I must work even harder so I don’t disappoint them.

S: So you like acting now?

T: (laughs) Well, I guess. I like the state I’m in. If I don’t like it, then I won’t be able to push myself to by full potential. I’ll really use my heart in every scene now.

S: You’ve tried action, comedy and love movies. What do you think is the easiest for you?

T: All of them are okay. For movies, I only want to do action films and nothing else. I’ve just started dramas and it’s still a long road. I want to use 1-2 years to try different roles and see which is the best before setting an image for myself.

S: Do people say you’re a prodigy for singing?

T: Too many. I don’t interact with many celebrities and I don’t have many friends. I actually don’t really know who’s who in the industry. Maybe it’s because I’m too focused on my own stuff. I usually don’t look at things like weibo and don’t really use it either. I’m not familiar with this stuff. I’m just focusing on my own work and not caring about the outside world.

T: So people who praise you are the behind-the-scenes staff you work with?

T: When the professionals and behind-the-scenes staff, such as directors, praise me, it’s recognition. It’s more important than anything else, more important than how much you earn or the ticket box sales.

“The heavens purposely made people hate me to see if I can take the challenge”

S: You said that you don’t have many friends. Would you feel lonely in the industry?

T: I have some great non-celebrity friends. We’ve known each other for many, many years and they come visit when there’s time. I don’t talk a lot with celebrities and I won’t interact with someone just because they’re popular.

S: Speaking of popular, I suddenly want to ask if you’ve been chased by the Queen of Hongqiao?

T: Who’s that?

S: Seems like you really don’t go on weibo. Recently, there’s a crazy fan who sits at Hongqiao Airport every day and waits for idols to take pictures with.

T: What does this have to do with me?

S: It’s a joke that taking a picture with her is a measurement of your popularity.

T: I’ve never taken a picture with her. I’m not popular.

S: Earlier, you said that no one is bashing you recently and you’re not used to it. If you don’t really look at the comments, how did you get this information?

T: My studio staff will tell me. Sometimes they’ll tell me to post a picture on weibo or something. I always refuse, but they always make me. Then after posting, I’ll search “Huang Zitao” to look at some things and maybe read some comments. Earlier, after reading, it was (beep) “So many people are bashing me.” But recently, there’s not much of that, but I don’t really think it’s amazing. At that time I thought that you don’t know me and just look at rumors created to hate me. You believed them and decided I was truly like that. But I’m not and I know those things are fake. So at that time, I wouldn’t say anything. I thought they would disappear by themselves and I only have to do my own things, take care of my work. I think that works are the most important. Really, having talent and good works are the most important. If you move up by pushing others down, it’ll be difficult for you in the future.

S: Were you sad at that time?

T: At that time, I went on Kings Against Kings with Song Xiaobao. At that time, I looked at the audience and thought all of them were antis and hated me. But it wasn’t true. They were all my fans, but I was scared to face it. I think that was my lowest point. I say that I don’t care, but it did cause emotional trauma.

S: How long did it take you to step out of it?

T: Every day. Actually, I never thought about how long it took. I was really busy that time. I kept getting bashed, but I still had work (laughs). I was busy every day with filming or music. I encouraged myself, saying that I must act well and create good music, let more people know about my music and watch my movies. Then I went on It Takes a Real Man and that’s that.

S: Did you ever think what you would do if there’s too much hate and you lost your job?
T: No. I think many things are fate. The heavens needed me to get past this before they would give me better things. I consoled myself saying that they purposely made people hate me to see if I could take the challenge, see if I can keep going. If I made it, I would be rewarded.

S: After you went on the reality show, many haters turned to fans. You worked with Yang Mi in the show, and now there’s a new drama. What do you think of her?

T: She’s a very good jie-jie. Our first meeting was for the movie 2 years ago. Every time we meet, she teaches me a lot of things. Watching her act and such.

S: You’re younger than her in reality, but not in the drama. Do you have to act mature?

T: My mental age is enough.

S: How old do you think your mental age is?

T: Maybe 35 years old. Even though that’s old, I won’t change the things that people my true age should have.

S: Your acting life has just begun. Do you have any plans for the future?

T: I want to invest in a film. Someday, I must face personally how to invest and make a good movie. I want to interact with more people and learn more. This way, I can have a good product. Of course, these are only my thoughts. I must make it come true with small steps. Maybe it’ll come true when I’m 30 or 40, but it’ll be the result of steady steps.

Trans: 鸽子

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Tao appeared on Happy Camp again recently, along with Jackie Chan and the Railroad Tigers cast. It was his third Happy Camp episode this year!

Full ep [eng subbed]:

(Tao cut only)

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